MACS through its Dealership management systems provide the complete solution for all the activities that happens with the Automobile dealership. The DMS implementation deals with vehicle sales, which includes placing a new vehicle order, PDI process and inventory management. By making use of this Automobile dealership management system software, vehicle allotment for the individual customer or bulk customers, it can be made in a proper and systematic way without much effort

Through DMS development in spare parts sales, spares purchase ordering is made easy. Also this particular service is used for GRN, Inventory management (esp. on ABC & XYZ analysis). Whether it is the counter sales or bulk sales nor the service counter issues, everything can be solved in few clicks using the Dealership Management Service.

As a dealer, the key factor in automobile sales is the after sales service. Using this software you can make service reminders and a follow up. Other facilities included in the software are Jobcard handling, parts issued on Jobcard based on MRP, manufacturer warranty, goodwill warranty. The most complicated work such as labour entries and service invoices can be executed using this system.

DMS development in India has acquired a tremendous response among the automobile dealers. Another most interesting factor that is included in this system is integrated reporting. The customer traffic analysis in sales as well as service can be done. This is an integrated dashboard helping in the analysis of meantime between failure and replacement.

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Area of Coverage

  • Vehicle Sales

    • Vehicle Ordering to the Manufacturer
    • PDI Process
    • Inventory Management (with multiple storage locations)
    • Vehicle Allotments to Bulk / Individual Customers
    • Project Management System (PMS)
  • Customer Relation Management

    • Enquiry Handling & Follow-up
    • Vehicle Booking
    • Customer Invoicing
    • Accessory Invoicing
    • Registration & Insurance Processes
  • Spares Sales

    • Spares Purchase Ordering to the Manufacturer
    • GRN
    • Inventory Management (with multiple storage locations)
      • ABC & XYZ Analysis
    • Counter Sales
    • Bulk Sales
    • Service Counter Issues
  • Service

    • Service Reminders & Follow-up
    • Jobcard Handling
    • Parts Issue to Jobcard
      • On MRP
      • On Manufacturer Warranty
      • On Goodwill Warranty
    • Labour Entries
    • Outside Labour Entries
    • Service Invoices
  • Integrated Reporting

    • Customer Traffic Analysis - Sales
    • Customer Traffic Analysis – Service
    • Mean time between Failure – Analysis
    • Mean time between replacement – Analysis
    • Integrated Dash Board

DMS for TVS Motor Company Ltd

The Dealership Management System designed by us was taken by TVS Motor Company Ltd., the second largest two wheeler manufacturer in India.

Implementation Partner for TVS Motors

Wallcliffs Systems is appointed as the Implementation Partner for TVS Motors for their Dealership Management System Project to Implement DMS in all their Dealers & Sub-Dealers in India.

Successfully Implemented DMS in 1200+ Dealerships across India and still the count goes on.