Customer relationship management (CRM) MACS deal in sales Customer relationship management to manage the company's interaction with the customers. The CRM operation is involved with latest technology in order to organize and automate the sales , marketing, customer service and technical support. It helps in building strong relationships provided with sustainable competitive advantage which is also extremely difficult to beat. CRM operations is the most useful and effective principle for sustainable business results. There is little methodology in deploying CRM operations such as brand values and expectations, customer segments, market competition and category benchmarks.

Through MACS the CRM Application developments have reached great heights which are implemented in all means of managerial process. Using the customer relation management software, the company's are able to integrate the program planning more effective than before. The benefit of the CRM software is there will be a direct customer consumer contact in terms of influence, building long term sustained purchase intent and so on. It also enhances the vehicle allotments for customers and project management systems. The customer satisfaction and needs are fulfilled on the whole with the development of customer relationship management applications.

    Technology Modules

    Backend Management Systems

  • POS Systems integration
  • Module for managing the entire project
  • Updating Customers records and update
  • Logistics Fulfillment tracking and update
  • Campaign Management
  • Reporting Module

    Targeted Communications

  • Mailroom / Inventory Management
  • Database Management
    Data entry, sorting, scrubbing, etc.,
  • Letter Shopping
    Personalzation, Stuffing, sealing, etc.,
  • SMS & Email
  • Tracking & Reporting

    Analytics beyond means and frequencies

  • Customer Profile + Transaction History = Insights (that drive program strategy)
  • Projects Include
    • Descriptive and causal analysis / modeling
      • Customer segments, insights
      • Frequencies, Cross tabs, basic regressions
    • Predictive Modeling
    • Reward Modeling
      • Hard and Soft benefits
    • Campaign Modeling
      • Right offers to the right people at the right time
  • Vehicle Allotments to Bulk / Individual Customers
  • Project Management System (PMS)