"Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it."

Book shop management system

Areas covered

  • Books Publishing Process
  • Products Importing and Exporting Transactions under a different company (Grace Foundations)
  • Warehousing, Transfers & Billing of various Products in from the Trust

Details related with the Publishing Area 

  • Details of Materials (Products or Books) for which Copy Right available with us
  • Details of Royalty to be paid for the Copy Rights in Hand
  • Details of Materials for which Copy Right applied and not yet received
  • Number of Copies Printed / Published so for on each Product
  • Details of Supply made to the Trust for Sales
  • Status of Materials in Printing - Order in oral intimation only - Partial supply also happening - Pending order to be executed maintained based on the DC given by the Printer only
  • Translation Process - Regular Persons based on the language from which to be translated - Contact Details along with Language Proficiency
  • List of Printing Vendors - 2/3 vendors - Continuation of printing will be given to the same printer
  • Purchase and Stock details of Raw materials if any
    1. Wrappers
    2. Films
    3. Copy of the Book to be printed
    4. Translated Papers (In case of Translation)
  • Details of Printing Orders given to Printers - Order format to be finalized
  • Lead Time Analysis between Ordering and Material Receipt from Printing
  • Publishing Order Receipts from the Trust
  • Billing Details to the Trust / Others if any   -to be checked
  • Delivery Details to the Trust / Others if any - to be checked
  • Sales Return Details - to be checked

Details related with the Importing & Exporting Company

  • Import License Information / Required forms maintaining for Import
  • List of Materials Imported so for along with Quantity - Only invoices received
  • Ordering Details for Importing with the Foreign Companies - thru mail only
  • Material Receipt Details of Import  - thru clearing agents - As soon as received the documents delivery will be taken from the Clearing agents
  • Stock Maintenance of Imported Materials - No stock maintenance since as soon as the stock received it will be invoiced to the trust
  • Orders Receipt from Trust / Other Companies
  • Local Purchase also will be done
  • Billing Details to Trust / Others if any
  • Sales Return Details / Purchase Return Details - Credit not will be given as per the claim raised for damaged / short supply
  • Supplier Payment and Due Details - Differ company to company - in terms of days only
  • Customer Receipt and Balance Details - Cheque transfer - Cumulative balance maintenance
  • Exporting to different companies - Along with the Imported materials, published materials from the trust (Will get invoiced from the trust Grace Foundation) also get exported - Different Invoice Serial Numbers
  • Excise Billing for Export - In US Dollars / Euros / INR
  • Ledger posting should happen based on Conversion rate as of that date

Trust / Ware House Process Mapping

Material Inwards

  • Purchase Order Generations to Publishing Company / Others
  • Supply from Publishing Company (Own)
  • Supply from Importing Company
  • Supply Other Publishers / Companies
  • Stock Transfer Receipts from Branches
  • Sales Returns
  • Sale or Return method - Material received thru DC - After some point of time only for the sold items the supplier will raise the invoice and balance materials will be taken back

Material Order Receipts

  • Material Order / Intend Receipt from Branches
  • Material Order Receipts from other Bulk Customers - Direct
  • Material Order Receipts from other Bulk Customers - Thru Branches
  • Material Order Receipts from Individual Customers thru Online

Material Outwards

  • Stock Transfer to Branches
  • Direct Billing to Bulk Customers
  • Direct Billing to Individual Customers at the Ware House
  • Direct Billing to Individual Customers for Online Web Orders
  • Purchase Returns


  • Payments to Suppliers - Publishing, Importing Companies & Other Suppliers
  • Cash / Cheque / DD / Pay Order Receipts from Bulk Customers
  • Cash / Cheque / DD / Pay Order Receipts from Individual Customers
  • Receipt thru Credit Cards from Bulk / Individual Customers
  • Receipt thru Credit Card data capture thru Online Transaction
  • Expenditure happening in the Branches
  • Expenditure happening in the Warehouse / Trust Head Office

Barcode Interface

  • Barcode generation for all the products
  • Barcode interface in all Material Inward screens
  • Barcode interface in all Material Billing screens

SMS Interface

  • Creation and sending of SMS on Customer's Birthday / Anniversary Day Greetings
  • Intimation on New Arrivals
  • Thanks for Purchase Intimation
  • General Greetings on Seasonal Occasions like New Year, Christmas etc.,

Tally Integration

  • Integration of all the Financial Transactions to Tally Offline
  • Multi Company Maintenance along with Integration to Tally

HR Management

  • Staff Hierarchy
  • Daily Attendance
  • Salary Maintenance along with standard deductions
  • PF & ESI Forms / Returns preparation

Online Queries on

  • Branch wise Sales for any given date range
  • Stock Reports - Branch wise / All Branches together
  • Tax Reports - For Monthly / Yearly Submissions
  • Branch wise Expenditure
  • Branch wise Profit Reports
  • Product wise Sales Reports
    1. Based on Quantity Sold
    2. Based on Value Sold
    3. Based on Material Category / Sub Category / Language
  • Periodical Sales Reports
    1. Seasonal Sales Information for Ordering and Stocking Plan

Printing Controls

  • Printing of Invoices & any other Documents in any of the following methods
    1. Text Mode Print - Dot Matrix Printer
    2. Normal Window Print - Laser / Ink Jet Printer
    3. Printing in Pre Printed Stationary (Invoices & Receipts)
    4. Printing in Continuous Rolls (Invoices & Receipts)
  • Printing of Address Labels to send Greetings or any other reminders to Customers / Suppliers